The New LKO/L-KOPIA LMS Clearance Laser System has a scan frequency up to 100 Hz, is very accurate, +/- 3 mm (0.12”) with an angular resolution from 1° to 0.167°. The spot size is as small as 3.6 mrad (approx. 9 mm @ 9 meter). Two LMS units covers 360° (plus 20° overlap for QA), and has a measuring range up to 262 feet (80 meter). The system is 100% eye safe (Laser Class 1) and is capable of operating in darkness and full daylight. The LMS laser units are light, compact and temperature controlled. The LMS system is perfect for customers who want to upgrade from the LKO/L-KOPIA LD clearance Laser System (20 Hz).


LKO/L-KOPIA Clearance Laser Systems (B1, LD, Z+F and now LMS) has been in operation since 1993 (first on the market). We have over 38 systems worldwide, including Europe, North and South America, Far East and Australia. Some systems are owned and operated by customers and some are operated by LKO and L-KOPIA for contracting services.

The NEW LKO/L-KOPIA LMS Clearance Laser System produces clearance & surveying data for several applications, such as ClearLoad Simulation, ClearLoad Diagrams, Plots in different scales, AutoCAD conversion, Minimum Track Center and Ballast Calculation and GPS data integration. Data files from the LKO/L-KOPIA system are compact and can easily be e-mailed from field units to processing offices.

Applications for the LKO/L-KOPIA Clearance Laser System:

• Total Clearance Survey (including Track Center Measuring and Digital Video)
• Collection of continuous Track Center Distances
• Cross Sectioning and Area and Volume calculations in Tunnels
• Continues Ballast Volume and Profile Surveys
• Digital Video (separate or together with laser survey)
• Platform “edge” and “gap” surveys
• Load Surveys (checking clearances for oversized loads, real time on track, road or water)
• GPS/DGPS data separate or integrated with our clearance surveys


The LKO/L-KOPIA B1, LD, Z+F and LMS laser software is built on 22 years of experience of laser software. We have several side programs for use with the LKO/L-KOPIA output, such as the LKO / L-KOPIA ClearLoad & WideLoad Program and conversion software to AutoCAD, using our standard file formats. We have special software for BALLAST and FORMATION calculations, PLATFORM “GAP & EDGE” (for passenger platform safety) and Third Rail & Catenary Surveys.



The Platform Option includes calculation from given Train templates.


The Ballast Option includes calculation from given Roadbed templates.


The LKO/L-KOPIA Ballast/Roadbed diagram shows were to add ballast (also side) and total condition (green, yellow or red).


LKO/L-KOPIA has a conversion program from our CUS file format to DXF for use in AutoCAD.

Please contact us for any additional information regarding our laser systems.